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Saturday, January 14

Actress Who Escaped From Prison Yet to be Found ,aided Internally - Prison Comptroller

   Actress Rabi Ismail who was  condemned to hanging for homicide and escaped from a prison in Hadejia, Jigawa State where she was awaiting her sentence is yet to be found.

   The Jigawa state comptroller of Prison revealed when speaking to newsmen "when i was told of the escape on December 15, 2011 without breaking the walls or digging a long underground tunnel, i concluded that the prisoner must have been aided internally. I just told the officer in charge of the prison that it is a clear inside plot because there was no way the actress could have escaped from the Hadejia prison without the help of an insider,he said

   He continued "What I did immediately was to interrogate all the prison wardens on duty when it was discovered that the six prison warders on duty including three female warders may have collaborated and aided her to escape”.
  The comptroller also described the incident as unfortunate and  assured that all those involve in the escape of the rabi will be brought to book .However , the state police command has since began their search in order to capture rabi wherever she is hiding.
  Rabi Ismail was said to have  drowned her boyfriend at the Bagauda Lake Resort in Kano state.