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Tuesday, December 20

Stella Damasus and I considered Marriage - Sammy Okposo

    Popular gospel singer Sammy Okposo has disclosed during a TV interview  that he and nollywood actress stella damasus considered getting married in the past . 
He said :
 "We were very closed , it was something that we really considered,especially after jaiye ,Oh my God Rest in peace Jaiye ,she wanted a friend and i looked at it i said ok ,are we going to spoil this ,if we take it to that level?we considered it , we looked at it , can we try it?"
   Sammy continued " At that point stella was very fragile , she didn't need any more try your lucks,this is somebody that has been your friend, you dont want to be like ,you were the one who got her to that place where she said you know what ,forget all these guys ,so i was very  very mindful of that and i didnt want to spoil that".
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