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Wednesday, December 14

Osita Iheme(PawPaw) Under Pressure to Get Married

Osita Iheme and chinedu ikedieze

     Osita Iheme a.k.a Pawpaw was the bestman at his friend Chinedu Ikedieze(Aki)'s wedding but now he is under pressure to get married too.
  According to source,ever since Chinedu told him of his marriage plans, he has somehow been under pressure to get married too. Since he and Chinedu do most things in common, all eyes are now on him now to settle down. Even his people have called his attention to that.”
   "He was also advised to limit his excessive social lifestyle in order to remain more focused. But hopefully, he will get married soon as well, because I recently heard him saying that he will take one of his girlfriends serious now" ,the source added.
Hope he finds a good woman soon !!!!
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  1. wish you find a good one bro!

  2. hmm God will provide your own wife too

  3. So even dis little man has several girlfriends? Wonderful

  4. They should free d dude abeg..he's much younger than Aki and should go bk to school

  5. i am ready tobe yourwife