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Saturday, December 17

Oprah Winfrey Calls Kim Kardashian a Fraudulent and Selfish celebrity

Oprah and Sean Penn in haiti

        The queen of TV talk, Oprah Winfrey, has come out and bashed Kim Kardashian for being a total phony. Kim made a fake charity trip to Haiti in a desperate bid to rebuild her crumbling image and Oprah calls Kim out for using this worthy cause for her own selfish ends. Kim is so desperate for some good publicity and positive press , her image is so tarnished after filing for  divorce  Kris Humphries  that she flew to earthquake ravaged Haiti for supposed charity work.
   Kim went to Haiti with a charity group  along with her mother, Kris Jenner, to support the group, whose Web site says it’s “a movement to advance the health, safety, and well being of women throughout Haiti.”

   According to National Enquirer " Kim insults the locals & spends a fortune pampering herself while Oprah roughs it with the refugees.  Oprah was at the refugee camp with Sean Penn and Kim was at a fashion show!
   Also two days ago,her ex-husband Kris Humphries called the Kardashian show a fake reality tv show being organized by people without any talent .


  1. First off oprah shoukdnt be all abt kim being a phony. At least not publicly tarnishing her image over again

  2. Oprah is right! Kim should go and hide her face in shame

  3. The IRS needs to audit Kim Kardashian and all the rest of that family with a nit comb. She undoubtedly is using this trip as an income tax deduction! Did she contribute even one red cent to that charity? Bet she did not! Was she even invited to that fashion show? Bet she was not! She needs to be PUBLICLY BOOED along with that mother every time they have the nerve to pull a stunt like this.

    And those Jenner girls should be boycotted from modeling as they are nothing special. Nobody is buying any magazine or newspaper with them in it or on the cover.

    BW, Oprah, Janice Dickinson and Tyra Banks are well-connected and can make some worthy girls models...not these two teenage pole dancers who perform on a stripper pole for their adult step-brothers and then the public as seen in an episode of one of their reality shows.

    Kris Jenner had the nerve to put "LKRD MOM" of some such on her license plate. She is NOT LAMAR'S MOTHER and probably one of the reasons he got traded. Khloe treated Lamar's father horribly at first.

    If Khloe truly loves Lamar, she needs to quietly move to Texas and let HIM STAR doing what he loves which is basketball...especially since he is older and at the end of that career. They will be making a huge mistake to allow that butinski family to show up and that includes Robert Jr.

    Why wasn't he included in BW'S "Special" btw since she named the "Kardashians" as one of the ten? Why didn't she ask Khloe why she didn't take a DNA test re. her paternity since she did for her maternity? Khloe is included yet nobody believes Robert Sr. was her father. Kris Jenner was with the group and she is no longer a "Kardashian." These are all adults even though they try to portray themselves as "the modern day Brady Bunch", "Charlie's Angels", and even Elizabeth Taylor!

    OMG, Kim made a reference to ET just before the wedding with some stupid comment about the ring "if the marriage didn't work. I could be like Elizabeth Taylor with X number of husbands."

    The last thing I read about Dim Kim before coming here was that she had spent approx. $65,000.00 at an auction of ET'S to buy a pair of Emerald earrings.

    Why doesn't Florence Henderson or one of Charlie's Angels or member of ET'S family speak out about and/or sue Kim and Kris Kardashians for these remarks that are an insult to talented stars who had hit shows because the actors in them had talent unlike the Kardashians?

  4. I dislike that Kim so much, it makes my blood boil. Dimwit!!

  5. The Kardashian family self-exploitation is little more than a Rodeo Drive version of The Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.

  6. What's a Kardashian??????

  7. funny how people claim to hate something and spend a better portion of their lives disseminating that hatred when the targets are obviously having a life, a very pampered life at their expense! i admire the Kardashians; their fun attitude and outlook to life, no unnecessary egos, great family support (just like 9ja) and that almighty business savvy, they can keep their morals ( no thank you!) if you don't well too bad.

  8. here we have two women on the opposit end of the spectrum who are feuding, on one side an uppstanding woman who is respected addmired and loved by all. on the other a trashy, selfish, money hungry, gutless and spoilt bratt. this should be interesting oprah Australia has your back all the way !!!!!  

  9. That doesn't make any sense, which is further proof that shows like the Kardashians dumbs down American audiences. They live a pampered life at your expense because morons like you support that tasteless reality tv behavior. The lack morals and would run over anyone to boost their ratings. It's people like the Kardashians and Jersey shore cast that are influencing today's youth in a negative way. I don't understand how their mother raised these girls to be heartless sharks, but clearly they value money and publicity more than any moral or ethical standards. They are not a good example for children and should be more responsible with their positions in society. They are a disgrace to all Americans, Women and humanity. There should be censorship from this kind of pacifying ignorance but the dumb sheep like you make their lifestyle possible. Thank you Kardashians for making the world a scarier place and thank you sheep for idolizing a high priced hooker. At least real hookers actually work, Kim Kardashian should be on a list of worst people of all time. In 5 years her looks will have faded, no man will want to deal with her fakeness and she will be on another reality tv show, celebrity rehab.