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Monday, December 5

Naeto C and Kevin Pam Made Ambassadors for Nigerian Youth and The rape challenge

Naeto c

     The Ministry of Youth Development has unveiled plans to ensure that cases of sexual abuses and other violence against Nigerian young women are tackled to ensure human dignity. 
     As a strategic bait of hooking the youths to the moral thrust of the campaign, scintillating slogans like, Rape a Woman and Kiss Goodbye to Greatness; Let’s Wage War against Rape’; ‘Real Men Don’t Rape; The Federal Ministry of Youth Development Warns Against All Forms of Violence against Young Women; I swear I Can Never Rape a Woman; and Rapists Are Monsters and I am Not a Monster,have been introduced  .
   Nigerian rapper Naeto C  and Kevin pam (BBA winner)  have also been appointed  by the Hon Minister Of Youth ,Mallam bolaji Abdulahi,as  the Spokespersons and the Ambassadors for the Nigerian Youth & the Rape Challenge and they will be unveiled today  at the ladi kwali hall, Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.

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