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Tuesday, December 13

Michelle Obama Breaks Guinness World Record for jumping jacks

     Michelle Obama  has earned her family another place in history by breaking Guiness world records.  The First Lady of the United States used her platform once again to inspire people to  lead healthier lifestyles. Michelle Obama, 47,  attempted to break the record for 'Most People Doing Jumping Jacks In A 24-Hour Period."
    Michelle invited hundreds of local school children to the South Lawn Tuesday oct.11 where they were  monitored by an official from Guinness World Records who signal the beginning of a 24-hour challenge.
   In a video from the White House,Mrs. Obama thanked National Geographic Kids and the Guinness Book of World Records, who helped organize the event 
"More than anything, I want to say, thanks to every single young person who showed that exercise isn't just good for you, but that it's fun too," Mrs. Obama said.
    Other jumping jack events were held around the world to reach the world-record mark.The previous record was 20,425 jumper Mrs. Obama will share the honor with more than 300,000 other participants

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  1. well, that sounds interesting, but didnt hear such events going on here in Holland.