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Friday, December 23

Kobe Bryant’s Wife Accuses Him Of Cheating With 105 Women

       Kobe Bryant's soon to be ex-wife, Vanessa bryant has accused her husband of having sex with a total of 105 women while the two were still married.
   According to the National Enquirer, Vanessa hired a private detective to unmask his infidelity and she also calculated how many extra-marital affairs he had each year. Vanessa estimated that he was averaging at least 10 affairs a year with different women over the course of their marriage and puts his number of conquests at 105.
     Vanessa reportedly planned to divorce Kobe four years ago but was allegedly advised by her mother to wait until the 10-year mark to receive half of Kobe’s earnings. She is seeking full custody of their two daughters . The couple have been married for ten and half years but Vanessa filed for divorce last week amid reports that he had cheated on her yet again.


  1. Not physically possible? ask Michael Jordan. Or Wilt the Stilt. Or any other famous athlete with oodles of money, free time and access to nighclub VIPs stocked full of top shelf..ahem...liquor.

  2. this is so serious,the wife is stupid

  3. That's my n***a!! The chick n her mama were in it for the money. U can't be a star these days and have nobody love you for you. Its the fame and money that brings em. We aint hearin d full story.

  4. oh pleaseee!
    vanessa is just plain smarter and prepared. If she cant get a faithful husband, she can as well get his money. he deserves what he's getting and more...105 women! damn he sure is troubled and certainly needs help.
    That'll teach him to keep his **** where it belongs!

  5. I know Kobe Bryant love his wife very much