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Saturday, December 3

Kanye west foresees his own funeral

----I want world leaders at my funeral

    While on Watch The Throne tour with Jay z , kanye west talked about how he wants his funeral to be . 
 "I was thinking about my funeral a couple of days ago.The people I want to be there are like world leaders.Ones that say, 'Kanye gave me my first shot, or he push me ,or he told me to believe in myself'.I want to affect people like that if I pass away."  "It's a pursue and its a responsibility ,if people have done things befofe,you should be able to surpass them ,It's a mission in this amount of time.When the lightbulb was invented it wasn't to stop a war.I'm not saying what I'm doing is the most important thing that's happening on the planet,but what i 'm doing is neccessary
See video below