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Thursday, December 22

I Will Remove The Board of Trustees of Actors Guild of Nigeria- Emeka Ike

      Nollywood star actor, Emeka Ike has disclosed the main reason he has been in war with Actors Guild of Nigeria, is exclusively reporting .
     He lamented that the members of board of trustees of the AGN are the main problems of Nollywood  and he is ready to fight in order to remove them .
 The Main reason i am fighting AGN ;
    Someday ,the  so called board of trustees came to me and reported an issue to me and they tried to seek my opinion and at the same time ,ask me to assist them finacially and let's fight the people that were killing the guild ,then i got involved  and then discovered some things that the people they wanted us to fight ,like Ejike Asiegbu was not actually the problem,the same board of trustees are the problem .so what they do is that they dont want people to know the truth what is behind the curtain ,you know they always want to cover their part and when they showed me those things , i found out that they need to go ,they don't exist, they expired 2008 and they have no right to appoint segun arinze as the president and i did not say that in fear , i said it in the confidence and i went to the court to ask if they have the right to appoint the president because as an association we should have guiding rules and articles of memorandum that we respect as contract or constitution ,Now the constitution did not empower you that far .
 We made Ghanaian actors like Jackie appiah,Majid michel , our small boys of yesterday . These are small boys that are coming to get jobs here done ,Now they want to shutdown the industry and shutdown old artistes, Whatever belongs to the Guild as per royalty,they give them peanuts and they wont say anything, if we are able to remove those board of trustees and have reputable nigerians as board of trustees as actors,then we can demand what belongs to us and get it ,  it's a shame on our censorship board, it's a shame on copyright commision  ,that royalites are paid to actors that are starring in the same movies with us(Ghanaians)  but not to us ,for whatever reasons they dont want to pay us , i dont want to believe in that , these re the things that took me to court, lets find out what's reasonable and what's not reasonable .
  He concluded by saying , he will make sure the Members of Board of Trustees are removed. 
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