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Sunday, December 11

How our daughter met Chinedu"Aki"ikedieze – In-law, Mr. Lawrence Nwajah

Nneoma's parent Mr and Mrs Nwajah 

   In an interview with Vanguard at the wedding ceremony, The father of chinedu"Aki" Ikedieze's wife,Mr lawrence Nwajah disclosed how her daughter met Aki and his reaction.See Excerpts below
How did your daughter break the news of her getting married to Aki?

Nneoma graduated from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology(ESUT). She did her National Youth Service, here in Lagos, and this is where she met Aki.
I remember that during one of her visits to the village, she hinted her mother that she had found her husband. As a mother, she encouraged her to break the news to me. And when she finally did, I welcomed the idea, because I married my wife without anybody’s interference.
I only said to her, ‘You have come of age, and I cannot choose a husband for you. Since you have found the man you want to marry, go ahead and marry the person. You will have my blessing.’ Later, I inquired to know who the lucky man was, and she mentioned Aki. I told her plainly,’ I have no problem with him’.
The first time you saw Chinedu, did you feel disappointed?
Not at all, Chinedu decided to marry my daughter and she accepted the proposal. Who am I to oppose the marriage? I never said Chinedu should not enter my compound, just as his father never said his son will not marry my daughter. We are all here today, to give them our blessings.

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