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Friday, December 2

Boxing legend Muhammad ali rushed to the Hospital unconscious

      Muhammad Ali was reportedly taken to hospital after falling unconscious at home just days after his frail appearance at a funeral for Joe Frazier.Ali was last seen in public at a Philadelphia service for his fellow boxing legend on November 14, but a woman called 911 for him five days later.
    The call came from the 6,000 sq ft estate he shares with wife Yolanda in Paradise Valley, Arizona, reported Star magazine and RadarOnline.

As Reported By RadarOnline:
In a sign the 69-year-old sports icon is nearing the final round in his three decade bout with crippling Parkinson's disease, multiple sources have revealed the champ was rushed from his wife Yolanda's home in Paradise Valley, Arizona, to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center on November 19.
Paramedics and police have confirmed a 911 call was placed around 6.30 p.m. from a woman at the couple's 6,000 square foot estate.She stated an elderly male -- who Star has independently confirmed was Ali -- was unconscious."The victim started to pass out in the car and when they got him into the house he fell unconscious," Alan Laitsich, a spokesperson for Paradise Valley Police, told Star.
"The 911 tape was filled with details of prescriptions and medical details about the victim who was suffering from an ongoing medical condition. The police department transferred the call to the Fire Unit who sent paramedics."
The Paradise Valley Fire Department told Star that by the time it arrived, an independent company had already transported the patient from the property to a hospital.
It's not known what Ali was treated for at the hospital, nor how long he spent there.
He has since recovered, however, as it's understood the champ spent the Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas with family