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Wednesday, November 30

Ten finalists battle for Gulder ultimate search season 8 grand prize

        Gulder ultimate search season 8 is almost coming to an end . Out of thirty contestants that entered the jungle ,only ten are remaining as the contenders for the GUS 8 Prize. 

      Kelvin Durst, Promise Ojiegbe and Anastasia Azike, Anthony Igwe, Christopher Okagbue, Fejiro Ejogbamu, Tony Horfall, Sunday Gyang and Patience Ihongbe  are the finalists , they are back in Ososo jungle as champions and as they enter this ‘Final of Finals’ stage, two things occupy each of their minds, survival in the jungle and the grand prize. 
       Several thousands of Nigerians registered for GUS 8,only 30 were successful for the qualifying stages, 10 advanced to the Contest of Champions stage, but there is only space for one winner!

Who would that be?

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