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Saturday, November 5

Del York international takes Nollywood Film festival to Brazil

Tunde kelani
      Film school, Del-York International, is teaming up with Kinopedia Ltd and Brazil’s cultural department, Departamento de Expansão Cultural da Secretaria de Cultura, Prefeitura de São Paulo to host "Bem-vindo a Nollywood", the first Nollywood film festival in South America from November 18 –27, 2011. 
       This milestone will be held at the Cine Olido in São Paulo, which will host a roundtable discussion featuring some of Nollywood’s most respected practitioners as well as showcase a retrospective of nine films by the award-winning director Tunde Kelani.  
      Since the festival marks the beginning of a multi-year cultural exchange with the government of Brazil, Del-York aims to inaugurate the partnership by celebrating the Yoruba heritage and traditions shared by both nations and will showcase Kelani’swork including “Saworoide” (1999), “Abeni” (2002) and his highly successful and popular “Thunderbolt: Magun” (2001).
    Over the past two years, Del-York International has partnered with the prestigious New York Film Academy (NYFA) to facilitate a series of capacity.  Building programme in media production in Nigeria.      
After the latest edition concluded on 10th September 2011 in Lagos, a total of  650 Nigerian students received world class instruction from 60 instructors  from NYFA's New-York and Los Angeles campuses.