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Monday, November 28

Celeb tidbits;Karen Igho, Mercy Johnson, Funke Akindele,Peter P square and more

   Bigbrother Amplified winner , Karen Igho featured in New issue of Ovation International Magazine ,She is surely enjoying her newly found fame.

  Mercy Johnson ,is that you ? she was on a movie set in Abuja last week ,she still has that hot body after her wedding. 

Kristofer and Mercy Johnson

 Peter of P square and son Cameron showing their swags , we love 

    Yvonne nelson cooling off in paris two weeks ago,she also celebrated her birthday there with fellow actress Yvonne Okoro  ,Nice shoe,i need one .

     Funke Akindele ,is that you ?she was also on set in Abuja last week ,  don't panic sister .
Until next time , deuce 
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