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Monday, October 3

Miss Universe"Leila lopez" plans Angola's makeover

     Angolan Leila Lopes has told the BBC her tenure as Miss Universe 2011 will improve the world's negative view of her country as a war-torn nation.
"Until two weeks ago, not many people could locate Angola on a map," the 25-year-old business student said.
Some people even still think that we live in trees, and we are always fighting, no no no, we have peace, and we have beautiful places," People have been waiting for an African Miss Universe for a long time, so I feel proud that after 12 years, there is an African Miss Universe,"We were at war for [almost] 30 years, but we've been at peace for almost nine years,""Angola is a fast growing country, everything is going perfectly now, and this is what I want to show to the world.
"We've also got amazing food, great weather; it's like the best place to be."
"As Miss Angola, my main project was working with children in desperate need, sometimes I didn't even have money or clothes or medicines to give to them when I visited them in hospital.
"But they were very happy to see me every time I went.
"I don't know why, but this is the power that the beauty pageants bring."