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Friday, October 7

yinka davies
     As part of the restructuring and repositioning to strengthen its operation and hold in the intellectual property protection business, the Musical Copyright Society Nigeria (MCSN has reinforced its board with new members in order to serve its members well.
The appointments, which were seen as a move to fill certain vacancies in the board of the Society, were also aimed at making the board more representative of the various interests existing within the organization.
At its meeting held in August 2011, MCSN announced the appointments of Ms. Yinka Davies, Mr. Ope Banwo and Mr. Solomon Arueya as directors and members of Council of the Society.
Yinka Davies is  a classical music songwriter and performer is seen as an activist who has championed MCSN’s causes at various fora including high level representation before the Federal Government.
Mr.OpeBanwo who is the founder and Chief Executive of Stingomania Group is a versatile music/film businessman with many artistes who are already members of MCSN on his publishing and recording platforms. He also has very wide international exposure in music and intellectual property business. Being a lawyer, he is expected to assist the management in dealing with series of inter-personal legal issues in which members of the society may be involved vis-à-vis the organization at large.
    Mr. Solomon Arueya is the owner of Westside Music Inc., a music publishing outfit with deep interests in artists’ development and promotions.
  All the new directors have written to formally accept and thanked the management of the society for the appointments and promised to contribute their quota to ensure and maintain the position of MCSN as the numero uno(the leading) copyright society in Nigeria and one of the best in the world.