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Monday, October 3

Jay-Z supports President barack Obama's re-election campaign

    Jay-Z has defended US President Barack Obama in the wake of the current economic climate and offered his support in his re-election campaign.
    The rapper insisted that the president has had a difficult first term because he has inhertited a "tough economy".

 "I still think he is the best man for the job, so yes (I will campaign for him)," he said. "I think he got a raw deal and he got a really tough economy. It's going to test his mettle, which is great."

   Jay-Z supported the US leader when he first joined the presidential race for the 2008 campaign and he celebrated with Obama at his inauguration ceremony in January, 2009.
  The rapper said he hopes Obama's success at the polls as the first black American president will encourage aspiring politicians of all backgrounds to aim for the top.