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Wednesday, September 14

Tyler Perry ,Steven Spielberg, Simon cowell Lead Highest-Paid Men In Entertainment

     Hollywood actor/director/producer Tyler perry is number one on the list of Highest-Paid men in Entertainment with $130 million compiled by Forbes .
    Tyler makes most of his money from tv shows(meet the browns and eyes of payne). He is followed by Jerry Bruckheimer with $113 million whose Pirates of the carribean 4 franchise grossed $1 billion and Legendary director Steven spielberg ($107 million).The earnings from May 2010 to May 2011 were calculated .See TopTen list below

Highest-Paid Men In Entertainment

1. Tyler Perry---- $130 million 

2. Jerry Bruckheimer---$113 million

3. Steven Spielberg----$107 million

4. Elton John-----$100 million

5. Simon Cowell --- $90 million

6. James Patterson----$84 million

7. Dr. Phil McGraw----$80 million

8. Leonardo DiCaprio---$77 million

9. Howard Stern---$76 million

10. Tiger Woods----$75 million