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Friday, September 16

Terry G has a secret daughter - basic truth about his alleged Wedding
 can authoritatively inform you that, the singer had his introduction last year with his fiancée Mimi, and not weeks back contrary to what some publications are reporting.
      Just like most people don’t know, Terry G has a secret daughter. The liitle girl who celebrated her birthday not too long ago, had the full day with her dad, Terry G in his home, where a little party was put together.
    The introduction was also organized to stop a petite lady called Jumoke who didn’t want to leave Terry G alone because she was madly in love. Jumoke used all means to capture Terry G's heart to the extent of using Terry G's publicist as a tool but didn't work.
    We also gathered that Mimi visits Terry anytime she wants at his well-furnished bungalow at iju and he just acquired a new car aside his Honda CRV . We are not sure if Mimi is pregnant right now, but we will sure keep you posted on that.
story by celebregion

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