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Wednesday, September 28

Simon cowell says Lady gaga and Beyonce are the most Boring singers in the world

    Simon Cowell has slammed Lady GaGa stating that without seeing her, she is "the most boring singer in the world."
   The X Factor USA judge, who has previously admitted that he would have rejected Lady G if she auditioned for one of his talent shows, claims that along with superstars Beyoncé and Katy Perry, GaGa is boring!
Speaking to The Mirror, the music mogul explained: "If you only ever heard Lady GaGa, she’s the most boring singer in the world."
He continued: "You’ve got to see her – you need TV. Same with Beyoncé. Or Katy Perry. We’re all about image. You have to have that X Factor.”
While one of the most powerful men in pop may have taken a swipe at GaGa, the Born This Way singer was far too busy meeting the most powerful man in the world,President Obama

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