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Thursday, September 15

Rapper T.I freed from Prison ,moved to atlanta halfway house

         The Grammy-winning artist T.I. was back at a halfway house in Atlanta on Thursday after weeks of fighting with federal prison officials who were upset he traveled with a TV producer and a manager when he was released from an Arkansas prison, his attorney said.
    T.I. was initially released from the Arkansas prison and sent to the halfway house on Aug. 31, a month before his sentence for probation violation was up. But a day later he was back in federal custody after corrections authorities accused him of violating prison rules by discussing business deals with the two during his 375-mile journey to Atlanta.
     Attorney Steve Sadow argued that the rapper didn't break any rules because a VH1 reality show and book deal that was announced within hours of his release had actually been finalized months earlier.
Sadow said Thursday that his client didn't intend to violate any guidelines and that he was pleased with the outcome. The Bureau of Prisons did not comment on the move.
T.I. will now stay at the Atlanta halfway house through Sept. 29, when his prison term ends, said Sadow. After that, T.I. will be a free man, although he'll be on federal probation for another year.