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Monday, September 26

Ladies Dominate as First Evictee Emerges in Gulder ultimate search VIII

The contenders
    GUS 8 formally commenced with a visit by this year’s contestants to the Government House of Edo State, the host state for GUS 8. The Nigerian Breweries delegation, led by Tony Agenmonmen, the Marketing Manager - Lager, was received by Dr. Pius Odudu, Deputy Governor of Edo State
       Barely 24 hours in the jungle and the first evictee has emerged! Kehinde Fadojutimi holds the unpleasant record as the first individual to be evicted from the Gulder Ultimate Search 8.
    The day began on a bright note for the contestants. Tired, hungry and cold after spending their first night in the jungle under the leaky roof of their ‘half star hotel’, the 10 contestants were still in high spirits as they prepared for the very first contest of the day. After receiving their instructions from Bob Manuel Udokwu, the contestants set about the task. The contest seemed fairly simple enough: With a chain tied from their wrist and running to drums of water placed on stilts nearby, the contestants were required to hold up their hands for as long as possible.  Dropping their hands would cause the chains to tug at the drum of water, tipping it over and sending water gushing over the contestants.

     Kehinde Fadojutimi who appeared to be the fittest of the contestants was the first to drop his hand. He was followed by Franklin Inegbedion and then Kelvin Durst, before Samuel Lazarus joined the list of men to lose out. Alvin Ilenre became the lone man remaining, but his endurance could not hold out as he also dropped his hands.
Thus it became a contest for the ladies. As the hours dragged, it seemed the contest would end in a tie between the five ladies. Then Promise Ojiegbe dropped her hand. That seemed to be the cue for others. Next was Anastalsia Azike before Oladunni. Finally it became a contest between Elizabeth Adu and Geraldine Obi.
Both ladies seemed determined not to give in but eventually Elizabeth Adu caved in. Thus Geraldine, who seemed the least popular among the 10 contestants, became the winner of the first task.

   She was aptly rewarded with a generous supply of food stuff which she generously shared with the rest of the contestants. Though there was a bounteous supply of food, the contestants were hampered by their inability to start a fire. So they settled for plain Garri.

     Later in the evening, they were met by Bob Manuel who announced the eviction of Kehinde Fadojutimi

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