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Tuesday, September 13

American singer Kelis called slave and Disgusting Nigerian at London airport

   American R&B singer Kelis was called a slave ,disgusting Nigerian and Kunta Kinte   at the heathrow airport in London some hours ago .She took to her twitter account to vent her anger about the racial issue, see her tweets below
please read from  bottom to Top to understand the story

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Story by celebregion


  1. This was not funny! It's good to know who your enemies are up front because you can handle the situation. It's when they hide behind the facade when things get interesting. As an American lady, that's is black I will NOT let anyone slide when they pull that mess! Point. Blank period!!!

  2. Awwww,thats so bad ,calling an American star a slave , they re so mean , why didnt she go with her entourage

  3. You think the Kunta Kinte remark is funny?! You think any part of this disgusting incident is funny?! That, right there, is sad and therein lies our problem when some of us try to fight racism. SMH!! We know that there is a high rate of incidences such as this and to find any part of it funny is insulting to the person who was on the recieving end.