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Wednesday, August 24

The world's 100 Most powerful women,Ngozi okonjo iweala ranked 87th

     Forbes has compiled the 2011 100 most powerful women in the world and Nigeria's finance Minister, Ngozi okonjo Iweala makes the list  ranking 87th most powerful woman in the world. See the top Ten list below.

1.Angela Merkel- German chancellor
2.Hillary Clinton --US secretary of state
3.Dilma rouseff-Brazilian President
4.Indra Nooyi-CEO Pepsico inc
5.Shery sandberg- Facebook executive
6.Melinda Gates-Bull gates's wife ,CEO melinda gates foundation
7.Sonia Ghandi-UPA india Goverment chairperson
8.Michelle Obama -US first Lady
9.Christine Lagarde -French former Finance Minister,MD I.M.F
10.Irene rosenfield-Chairman and CEO kraft foods

Go to for the full list