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Friday, August 19

eLDee and Nigerian copyright commision battle Tecno Over Infringement

     Tecno, a China-based phone manufacturing company and one of Nigeria’s top selling handset brand, is now in a copyright mess over the infringement of Nigerian musicians’ intellectual properties 
    Affected is Lanre Dabiri, popularly known as eLDee. Tecno, it was alleged, has preloaded different songs, some by Nigerian artistes, onto memory cards embedded in their phones sold without due consultation or permission from the artistes to use the songs. the company is not ready to compensate the acts whose rights were infringed upon.

       It was said that instead of the company showing remorse by granting the artiste audience and trying to reach a consensus, it became adamant and arrogant, claiming that it was helping the artistes, including eLDee, to promote their songs and as a result, didn’t owe them a dime.
Following their recalcitrance, the artiste, through his lawyer, has instituted a suit in court. At one of the hearings, the presiding judge had ordered that eLDee and his lawyers should visit Tecno’s local agents and representatives and seize all the infringing phones they find and any documents related to them.
The Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) has also joined in the case and is investigating the matter