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Tuesday, August 23

Dress for success today

    Coco Chanel once said ‘if a woman is badly dressed, it is the dress we notice but if she is impeccably dressed it’s the woman herself we notice.

     Fashion and the way we dress says a lot about us, about who we are, the kind of person we are and what social class we are a part of. In the past fashion predominantly separated the rich from the poor due to the style, cut, fabric and finish of the clothes. 

     These days fashion makes much more of a statement one of them is separating the different fashion categories from each other such as the Preppy from the Goth, and the Sporty from and the Boho and this from the Chic. Fashion in this day and age is not just to make a statement but also to define us.

        The way we dress is like branding ourselves; it represents us first before anything else we do, if you are going for an interview at a office you would be expected to dress neatly and appropriately such as in a shirt and skirt or trousers and probably a suit if you are a man. Although many may not realise it but in many cases people are judged by the way they are dressed and if dressed inappropriately then the job may end up with a better dressed candidate.

      This may seem harsh but we all do it, seriously think about it how many times have you seen a girl dressed with half her clothes left at home and rolled your eyes in disgust or how many times have you seen a man dressed extremely fashionable and thought he was ‘gay’.

     Fashion tells a lot about a person it tells of whether we are sloppy or stylish or whether we are one of those who follows the rules or is spontaneous enough to break them all. People like Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham and characters like Carrie Bradshaw show that fashion and the way we dress should not be taken lightly and have clearly built careers on this notion.

      Dressing is advanced PR it speaks a lot about a person and that’s why if a person wants a career change their wardrobe is usually the easiest place to start. This is why the way you dress should be taken seriously and with a lot of patience. Whatever style of dressing you decide to take on should show your personality and what you want the world to see about you. It should also show a whole lot of moral values and sophistication and should separate us from the crowd.

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