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Thursday, July 21

Skinnier than me or fatter than me!! No I AM THE STANDARD!

      If you are one of those who are ‘privileged’ to maintain a slim figure that no matter how many burgers, bowls of pounded yam or puff puff you chump down you still fit into those extremely skinny jeans then yeah you are likely to be on the Nigerian aunties and mum another problem we need to solve list.
       Yeah I’ve heard big girls say they have it bad but skinny girls have it worse. I just came back from a three week holiday in Nigeria and I have to say that I don’t think Nigerians actually realise that there are some people who are just naturally skinny no matter what they eat.

    Everywhere I went I managed to get at least one comment as to how slim I am if it wasn’t ‘ah ah you still haven’t put on any weight after all these years’ then it was ‘what are we going to do about this your weight now, maybe we should start feeding you more’ to be honest the comments have got a lot more nicer and bearable. In the past it used to be “ah ah, look at how small you are aren’t you eating” or “look at your younger ones they are all bigger than you do you want to look tiny beside them” which I usually responded with eye rolling and a deep sigh. One comment that really got to me once was “you need to eat more you are too tiny for my liking” like I’m on hunger strike. But the worst one I’ve ever got still had to be “you need to put on more weight black men like something to hold onto”. I have to be honest for a long time that comment made me twitch in a bad way but now let’s just say I’m in good place.

     So seriously what is Nigeria’s obsession with the big girl look it’s like they don’t seem to understand that God made everyone differently don’t they understand that if every girl was a size 20 we’d all take up too much space in the KFC line (okay I’m sorry about that, that comment was not necessary that’s just me getting personal). But even outside of Nigeria new fashion labels will often make comments about how their clothes are for ‘real women’ whatever that means and comments these days are made to attack the slimmer frame and point out that being skinny is not cool anymore (like it ever was), big girls are called curvy and slimmer girls are what ‘pencils’?.

    It’s like people assume skinny people don’t eat or that bigger girls are happy, healthy and attractive but hey news flash so am I. People come in different shapes and sizes and we should all start learning to appreciate that because if God wanted to make me big he would have just done that. So let’s stop criticising people for how they look I mean we only have one body so we’d be pretty screwed if we didn’t like it.

     I know I said above that I’m in a good place but if anyone dare comes up to me and tells me on one of my much anticipated trips to Nigeria about how skinny I am and instead of me laughing it off as I have in the past, I start to read off my pre-typed list about the possible effects of obesity don’t blame me, I mean I’m just saying two can play this game.
But to be honest I love me even though I am short and skinny and that even though I was tall and fat I’d still love me.

        What's your own opinion about this ?let's know in your comments


  1. hi blogger,
                       I have been waiting to write a rant about this issue but i just never got round to it.but now that you have i am absolutely thrilled to find someoone who shares my thoughts! how uncanny! you see i'm also very slim and i think its genetic cause my mom is and no matter how much i eat i never get much bigger than i am. and it hurts when people say all kinds of thiings about my size and make me feel indaequate or like i am dieting which i dont! i love food and i eat well. i just never get bigger no matter how much i woof down. i've had to battle low self esteem for so many years because of this issue and now i am still very touchy about it and there are clothes i cant wear cause i dont want to appeartoo skinny. but i agree with you that you only get one body and if you spend all of your life hating it then you are a goner. thanks...

  2. i like this article,it is true,if some people eat from now till tommorow they wont add any weight, we should appreciate how God has created us