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Sunday, July 31

Nigeria's Karen and Zimbabwe's Wendall are the winners of Bigbrother amplified

The two winners has been bringing you the Bigbrother Amplified updates since 91 days ago,now we are glad to inform you that  Nigeria's karen igho and Zimbabwe's wendall  have won .
      Lomwe ,wendall , Vina, sharon o , luclay,karen , and hanni made it to the finale but karen and Wendall emerged the winner. Vina was the first finalist to be evicted,followed by hanni, sharon o,lomwe and lastly luclay.

     The two winners walked away with $200,000 each . Karen becomes the third Nigerian winner of Bigbrother in a row after kevin (2009) ,Uti (2010)

How africa voted
Karen: 6 country votes - Nigeria, Angola, Rest of Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania

Wendall: 4 country votes - Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya

Luclay: 2 country votes - South Africa, Botswana

Lomwe: 1 country vote - Malawi

Sharon O: 1 country vote - Uganda

Hanni: 1 country vote - Ethiopia

Vina: 0 Country Votes

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  1. Congrat to Karen , Naija no dey carry last , yes ooooo