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Monday, July 11

New Video;Dr Frabz -Follow me ft eLDee & shank

       New video from producer /singer Dr frabz for "follow me' featuring eLDee and shank . See the video below and share your thoughts.

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    Dear Sir,
    am young talented artiste who is willing and able to pursue my career
    with show business to the peak, but to financial incapacity, I here by
    write to request for assistant (not monetary) from your dominion. Please
    here is a copy of my curriculum vitae attached with the letter .
    I will be grateful if my request is granted .I look forward to your response .
    Your faithful

    A career proposal .

    The music industry in Nigeria is taking musician on tour is not
    an easy one for a young upcoming artist but even at that I have tried to
    distinguish myself with my presentation of dancehall in my kind of
    music rave.
    I have take part in a good number of musical
    shows as well talent hunts show where I performed creditably well.
    Though I am still strong and tie with my tracks, I have what it takes to
    become a shining star in the world famous academy in the Nigeria music
    I presently have demo of few of my recorded tracks
    .though I have not found someone to discovery this demo into market, I
    believe it is capable of taking the music scene by storm.
    Thank you

    Letter of appreciation

    i,kayoed –ade-onojobi aka apollocrip will like to show my
    appreciation with regard to your organization effort to promote my
    career as a musician .on behalf of my band and my family, I will like to
    say that I am very grateful .
    I hope that as I progress in
    the career, showbiz entertainment will always give me support of a stage
    awareness you have always been ready to give . I am grateful on the
    aforementioned grounds.
    Thank you very much and I hope to make your efforts worthwhile.
    Yours sincerely

    Proposal to perform in your programme events.

    I humbly apply for an opportunity to perform in your mass
    programmer, with my live band demo. we are talented artiste with a view
    of entertain, by creating talent exhibition ,side attraction and
    creative avenue to our targeted audience .
    We promise to deliver if given the opportunity .your thorough entertainment and relaxation is our goal.

    We will be very appreciation of you kind consideration.
    Thank you in anticipation of your positive answer

    a.k.a Apollo-crip
    Request for support to produce my demo .

    Good to know you are interested in young talented up coming
    artists ,which I am convinced that I am one . for past nine years I have
    been longing for an opportunity such as this to either perform on stage
    or get my video music produced.
    I do have a demo with about
    ten tracks (Rnb inclusive and hard-core hip-pop, dancehall hip-pop and
    more) I do believe if I am given an opportunity to be recognized to meet
    with you ,my talent would convince you .
    I would be most grateful if my request is granted.
    Thank you in anticipation of your positive answer.

    Yours sincerely
    a.k.a Apollo-crip

    Letter of acceptance of offer.
    With regards as a special guest to your showcasing showbiz entertainment.
    I,Apollo-crip will like to accept you offer as stipulated in the stage shows.

    Not only will my side attraction allow me fit into the task
    required effectively ,but also my music experience in freelance musician
    provide me with the necessary communication, interpersonal and
    negotiation skill required in handling the job result –oriented.

    Yours sincerely a.k.a Apollo-crip