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Sunday, July 17

Nelson Mandela turns 93

Today,Africa's hero turns 93. Born Nelson rolihlahla mandela on 18 July 1918 Known as Madiba, which is an honorary title adopted by Mandela’s clan, Mandela has not stopped receiving awards for his contribution to world peace.  
Mandela has been given over 250 awards in the last four decades of his life. The height of this was the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize. The hosting of the last FIFA World Cup held in South Mandela was not out of the instrumentality of the personality of Mandela. The emancipation of the South African spirit owes its continued survival to Mandela.
Without doubt, the progress witnessed today in all the spheres of South Africa’s national life is tied to Mandela. Once again the world celebrates with Rolihlahla at 93.