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Sunday, July 24

Bigbrother Amplified -Vimbai,Kim, Millicent evicted,remaining seven go to final stage

   Vimbai ,Kim and Millicent have been evicted due to having  lower votes while lomwe ,luclay,wendall and Hanni were saved.

     Nigeria's Karen and Vina,South africa's luclay , lomwe from malawi,Hanni from Ethiopia , wendall from Zimbabwe and sharon o from uganda are the seven remaining housemates that will go to the final stage of Bigbrother amplified . 

       Two winners will be announced during live eviction show on 31st July and walk away with $200,000 each

How Africa voted

Luclay: 5 country votes - Angola, Rest of Africa, Ghana, Botswana, South Africa 

Hanni: 2 country votes - Ethiopia, Nigeria (18.98 %)

Wendall: 2 country votes - Zimbabwe, Namibia (15.42%)

Lomwe: 2 country votes - Malawi, Mozambique (15.02%)

Millicent: 2 country votes - Uganda, Kenya (9.38%)

Kim: 1 country vote - Zambia

Vimbai: 1 country vote - Tanzania