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Monday, July 4

Bigbrother Amplified-Alex ,Karen,Sharon, Miss P and Weza nominated for eviction

      This week in Bigbrother Amplified house , Alex from Ghana, karen from Nigeria, sharon from uganda , Miss P from Botswana and weza from Angola are the nominees up for eviction coming sunday.
     Nigeria's karen has been the head of the house since last week but nominated herself for eviction which  resulted to confusion in the house .This is the second time of her being up for eviction. 

   Is Karen going to survive it this time ? 


  1. Botswana is behind u MISS P....... MISS P..........MISS P........MISS P

  2. karen u fuk up abeg y should u nominate urself agaian

  3. karen is a dick,why did she have to nominate hersef