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Tuesday, June 28

Your Ideal Partner !!!!

             Growing up ,like every other young girl,i read a lot of Mills and Boons novels. With each novel ,I fell in love with the leading male character,I daydreamed about the male characters.

      I can remember always telling my family that I would love to marry a black american or a mixedrace, with a blue eyes, very tall, with a mexican accent,a creamy voice, jerry curled hair{not fake or artificial},broad shoulders,cute smile,…I mean very handsome.My Dad would always laugh aloud whenever I say this,he would jokingly tell me that if am not careful I will end up marrying a ghanaian or a togolese.

     Later in my teenage years,I fell in love with indian movies,while watching these movies,I would always cry or end up crying after watching it(though,I still cry now).I watched each movie looking for that happy conclusion and once reaching it,craving for the next.I also found myself daydreaming about marrying an indian,infact I became obssessed with this fantasy. I built my idea of an ideal partner based on what I read,watched…..what or who scriptwriter created by writing..,what a novelist wrote….just someones’s mere creativity work..imagination…that was what I felt an ideal partner was.

    As I grew,I came to realize that my fantasy hero does not exist,I’ve never met a guy with all these traits I listed above,and as for my fantasy about marrying an Indian,where I school now,there are a lot of Indians in my school.Honestly,I wouldn’t want to date one, let alone marry anyone of them for anything in the world,because what I saw in the movies was completely different from what I now see in real life.My journey in life has taught me that I had to learn the difference between fantasy and reality.I realized that there is more to a person than a creamy voice,broad shoulders,cute smile,all these things are just superficial
    After being able to distinguish between fantasy and reality,I dropped all my childhood fantasies,but It’s suprising to still find grown up adults looking for that fantasy hero or heroine.Most guys are still waiting for a lady with Beyonce’s face,Jennifer lopez’s hips,Rihanna’s hair,Julie robert’s lips e. t.c,while, the ladies are still hoping to find a guy with Tom Cruise’s face,Eddie Murphy’s sense of humour.

     The truth is that you don’t even know who or what these people look like or act like in real life.How can you expect an average lady to compete with people that earn millions,they have all the resources it takes to look good,be it cosmetics , surgery, perfect photography,besides God created each individual differently.You can never find anybody exactly with Dbanj’s eyes,Tuface’s nose,Omotola’s lips .

It’s great to have a hero or heroine,but it becomes a problem when we create an image of them as a perfect partner.A lot of people leave perfectly good partners all because they want to keep looking for that fantasy hero/ heroine.While others refuse to give good people that come into their lives a chance,all because they don’t fit into the image of the hero/heroine they’ve created in their minds.

       My journey in life has taught me that the most important quality is personality.Personaity encompasses a lot of what makes a person.It defines his/her attitudes, morals,belief,sense of humour, and overall outlook of life.My opinion is that everyone will grow old physically,but a great personality will remain unchanged with age.

    Readers ..what do you think?would you rather prefer your ideal partner look like your hero/heroine,or its his/her personality that matters.Share your opinions,let’s discuss!!!!

pic; gerald butler

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  1. My own dream guy used to RMD and ramsey nouah , not knowing i was just dreaming ,lol , No one is perfect ,we ladies need to realize that