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Sunday, June 12

Bigbrother Amplified -Confidence from Ghana evicted

   Weza from Angola , confidence from Ghana ,Hanni from Ethiopia ,Millicent from Kenya ,Vina from Nigeria ,Zeus from botswana , and vimbai from Zimbabwe were nominated for eviction .Ghana's Confidence was sent packing tonight after six weeks in the game. Angola's Weza was herded off to Tails land.
 When it was finally revealed that it was the end of the road for her, Confidence was very dramatic as  She refused to hug some of her soon to be ex-Housemates but changed her mind when she got to the door.

"Finally, I'm free from all you people! I'm going to have some champagne," she said before she disappeared.
When she was shown who had Nominated her, she was particularly taken aback at the Nomination from Vimbai

.Three Contestants received only one country vote out of the 15: they were Weza, Zeus and Confidence.

There were three contestants who are tied with 1 country popularity vote each. In such a case the rules of the games stipulate that the contestant with the lowest average percentage votes across Africa will be voted off.

Confidence received less votes than Weza and Zeus and was thus evicted.


  1. Kai, Confidence was indeed so dramatic last night. even her smiles were so fake, one could see it clearly. It's good she's gone. atleast, she can concentrate more on her night club business and other things she's known for. she was just too "big" and over exposed for this kind of thing (i.e big brother)...

  2. yes,its true,sharon is sexy too, all of dem are hot 

  3. And come on, most of the girls in the house, are hot. look at their sexy shape last nite. they were really hot and smoking. especially weza, milicent and vimbai. abeg, make dem no corrupt/seduce IK for us ooo. who wont be tempted, with shapes like that. kudos to big brother for giving us fine fine girls this time around. they are the most beautiful set of ladies ever since big brother started. abi na lie?

  4. kay! do you think she own night club?